Red deer hunting

Red deer hunting in Belarus

this is very interesting and fascinating hunting even in comparison with hunting a moose. Espessialy amazing during dating period. That is why we recomend you to hunt in September and October – the best time to get a good trophy.

Red deer is very careful animal. Sometimes it is more difficult to hunt it than a moose.  Hunter should be well prepaired before red deer hunting.

Our jaegers will help you to have a successful hunting.

Red deer hunting tour

It includes 3 nights  with 2 huntings mostly in the evening. The price is from 570 euro for 1 hunter.

All animals shooted during the hunt are paid separately according to the price list.

What is included

  • Transport on territory
  • Guiding by jaeger
  • Field trophy preparation
  • Trophy measurement
  • Hunting license
  • Weapon Import/export permits
  • Tourist tax
  • Accomodation with meals
  • Paperwork


  • Wounded and not found animal is considered to be taken and must be paid in full!


Red deer hunting