About us

Founded in 2000, Hunting company Swan is proud to be one of the leading private enterprises in Belarus in part of hunting.  

The forestry is located in the North of Belarus about 200 km from capital city Minsk. Our hunting lands are famous for its virgin beauty across the Europe. It is rich in both flora and fauna. The most population of moose, wolves and capercaillie is concentrated in this area. Due to plenty of games that can be found here, the site is an attraction for hunters. You want to spend wonderful time hunting in Belarus – Hunting company Swan is exactly what you need.

We have about 40 000 hectares of lands were it is possible to hunt. 

We offer first-class hunting tours to Belarus the whole year round. Wild boar hunting in Belarus. Moose, Red deer, roe buck and wolf hunting etc.

Our hunting lodge is fully equipped with modern amenities designed to make you feel comfortable, refreshed and ready for adventure.