Hare hunting (brown and blue)

Hunting for a hare is a classic hunt that will always be interesting for both beginners and professionals.

We invite you to visit our hunting lands in December and January for a classic hare hunt.

охота на зайца в белоруссии

Hunting for a hare in Belarus is carried out depending on experience, personal preferences, seasonality, location and many other factors.
On our lands  we carry out the following types of hare hunt:
- with approach
- tracing
- with hounds dogs

Each type of hunt has its own characteristics. Therefore, we recommend you to try each of the options in order to determine which one is better for you.

охота на зайца в беларуси
Please call to ask the price for hare hunting in Belalrus
+375 29 7721272 (viber, whatsapp, telegram)

We also recommend you to combine different types of huntings to get a lot of pleasure from that exciting and varied hunt.