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Founded in 2000, LEBEDINOYE is proud to be one of the leading private enterprises in Belarus. The forestry is located in the North of Belarussian historic part on the area of Vitebsk Oblast, 20 km to the south from ancient town Polotsk and about 200 km to the north from Belarus capital city Minsk. This region is famous for its virgin beauty across the Europe. It is rich in both flora and fauna. Due to plenty of games that can be found here, the site is an attraction for hunters. You want to spend wonderful time hunting in Belarus – Lebedinoye is exactly what you need.

The total area of “Lebedinoye” is 37,6 thousand hectares. 20 thousand hectares of them are coniferous and mixed forests, 7 – 8 thousand hectares are coated with fields, and about 4 thousand hectares are covered with rivers and lakes (more than 30 of them).

Biologically diverse and ecologically clean, our preserve is abundant in a variety of robust and vibrant wildlife, including elks, roe deers, wild boars, capercailzies (great grouses), black grouses, geese, ducks, woodcocks etc. We offer first-class hunting tours to Belarus the whole year round. Wild boar hunting in Belarus. Moose hunting in Belarus.

Our guesthouse is fully equipped with modern amenities designed to make you feel comfortable, refreshed and ready for adventure.

Our guesthouse has:

  • four double rooms
  • a living room
  • a modern kitchen
  • two fireplaces
  • a billiard room
  • 3 WC with shower
  • two saunas (Russian and Finnish)
  • an entertainment center featuring satellite TV, CD, DVD, and
  • an open terrace
  • Russian bath-house with oak and birch besoms on the Lake shore


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охота в беларуси

охота в беларуси


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