Bow hunting in Belarus

Want to try hunting with a bow or crossbow in Belarus! Now it’s possible!

Hunting with a bow or hunting with a crossbow is officially permitted in the Republic of Belarus.

охота с луком в беларуси

According to the changes and additions to the Rules of Hunting in the Republic of Belarus, approved by the Presidential Decree of 23.07.2010, as well as by additions from 05.12.2013, in hunting enclosures and grounds, bows and crossbows that meet the following requirements may be used for hunting:

Bow must be held, stretched and descended for a shot only by the muscular strength of a person and have a pulling force of at least 27 kilograms (60 pounds). Since an onion more than 60 pounds is already considered a weapon, it is necessary for him to make a permit, and for hunting with him it is necessary to have an experience of possession of a smooth-bore weapon for at least 5 years (the tension force is expressed in the number of kilograms (pounds) an arrow length of 71 centimeters (28 inches) to its tip and is usually marked on the bow by the manufacturer).

The crossbow must have a tension force of at least 43 kg, or 100 pounds, to fix the bowstring. To own such a crossbow, as well as with a bow, you need to issue a permit.

The arrow for the bow must be at least 61 centimeters (24 inches). For a crossbow, the arrows are not limited (if you are going to hunt in earnest, then cheap aluminum arrows are not exactly right.) It is better to purchase special arrows for hunting, the shaft of which is made of a carbon tube).

охота на кабана в беларуси

Hunting with a bow is not at all like hunting with a firearm. This is a very complex and fascinating process. The difference is not so much in the technique of shooting, which you can master for several months, but in the special behavior of the archer during the hunt. Practice in shooting and organize hunting is possible in our hunting farm “Swan”. At present, hunting with onions is prohibited in some countries. However, in Belarus we are happy to organize for you a fascinating tour to the world of wildlife.