Pheasant hunting.

Pheasant hunting in Belarus

охота на фазана

We invite you to visit our hunting farm for organizing pheasant hunting.

Hunting for pheasant is carried out at the request of the hunter at any time of day.
Despite the fact that we grow the pheasant ourselves, we try to bring the pheasant hunting to the wild as close as possible.
As you know, a pheasant is a very beautiful bird. The pheasant is brightly colored, with a very beautiful and long tail.
It is very wayward and unpredictable bird. Only an experienced and savvy theorist can hunt prey.
In our hunting farm, we offer several types of pheasant hunting.
Hunting “on the flight.”
On the hunt for the flight you can come with a company of friends from 4 to 10 people. It will be a real competition between hunters for accuracy, even for experienced shooters. Pheasant is a fast bird.
Many people like this hunt and it is easy to understand the reason – sports hunting and does not leave without a trophy, and besides, it is relatively cheap, considering that many people go hunting pheasant to neighboring countries.

“Hunting with a dog.”

охота на фазана

We welcome the hunt for a pheasant with his own dog (preferably with a pug).
As a rule, a few hours before the start of the hunt, we release a pheasant in the grounds in the most favorable places for hunting. The policeman is looking for hiding game, and, sensing the pheasant, freezes in the rack, waiting for the command of his master. Here you have to be on the alert, the pheasant appears suddenly. A brightly colored cock usually flies out to the hunter noisily, with a clinking characteristic only for this bird. His flight is a wonderful, nothing like a spectacle. We would compare it with a helicopter – a very noisy flight. The success of this hunt, of course, depends on the ability of the hunter to react quickly to the emerging bird and the ability to shoot accurately.
Successful shots will bring a lot of booty, and with that and a great mood.
When you come to us to hunt, you can appreciate it.
Hunting we carry out in different ways – from approach, overtaking, with a dog, etc.

“Hunting from the approach”

The most common is the pheasant hunt with the approach. A group of hunters stretches into a line and, unhurriedly moving, comb the grounds with the alleged finding of pheasants there.

Pheasant is a bird that allows the hunter to reach a close distance. At take-off, the hunter shoots the bird, releasing it for some distance.

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