Wolf hunting in Belarus.

Wolf hunting in Bearus.

охота на волка беларусьохота на волка беларусь

Recently, in some regions of our country, wolves are becoming a real disaster. In this regard, we invite you to hunt a wolf in Belarus.

Hunting for wolves is open all year round with the use of various means.

Hunting with flags:
Collective hunting for at least 8 hunters; organization and conduct of hunting from 1 day to 3 days, with the preliminary preparation of hunting. As a rule, the hunter pre-forms an application for participation in the hunt. If the most favorable conditions for hunting for a wolf occur, we inform about it 1-2 days before the start of the hunt.
We invite you to hunt a wolf in Belarus.

We invite you to hunt a wolf in Belarus

охота на волка беларусь

Dates of wolf hunting in Belarus.

All year round Animals of any gender and age. Hunting for a wolf in Belarus. Within a day, from an ambush, from an approach, a pen, from an entrance, including – with dogs.