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Hunting tours to Belarus.

  • охота на волка беларусь
    Охота на волка на приваде, флажками, на вабу.

Belarus is well-known for its pure nature and great variety of species. Hunting tours to Belarus can combine both hunting which requires activity and leisure time. If  You are an enthusiastic hunter who lives for thrill of the hunt and enjoys the bounty that it reaps, if you value your time and are eager to gain an exhilarating experience encompassing every moment if you have a dream to commune with nature or want to relax in the company of your friends so our  hunting territories are open for you.

охота на глухаря в беларуси


охота на лося беларусь

The greates interest for trophy huning in our country is coused by moose.

Moose hunting in Belarus. You want something special? We are ready to organize hunting on a wild boar or a roebuck hunting.

You want to see real nature beauty? So early morning spring hunting on a  capercaillie  will help you to reach it. Capercaillie hunt is one of the most interesting hunts. Every hunter should try it.

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